About the Tell Me A Story - Project:

The project's goal is to collect fascinating, known and unknown, folk-tales from all over the world, illustrate them and share them.
Instead of just taking stories from books the aim is to 'collect' these stories directly from the source, the people; you.
Isabella Baudelaire, a 24 year old artist who specializes in portraying folklore, myths and legends, will illustrate these wonderful stories. Eventually all these illustrations combined, of course accompanied by the original stories and background information will be  published as a book.

This product is a 'labor of love' and as these stories should be free to read for everyone, they will be posted on a regular basis on Isabella's Folklore blog as well as on this website.

Participating in the Tell Me a Story-project is rather simple: Use the form on the 'How to submit your story'-page or send it by email. Multiple submissions are of course allowed.  All
participants will receive a free print of the illustration made of their story. 

What kind of stories are we looking for:

Every story connected with folklore is welcome. This can be anything: maybe there is a haunted cemetery or mansion in your home-town, or you remember this fantastic story your grandmother used to tell you when you were young. Is Bloody Mary haunting your mirror or does an urban legend circulate at your school? Personal encounters, rituals or superstitions are also very interesting. This story can be traditional or modern.

Isabella is eagerly looking forward to read your wonderful submission!

(Entries are due March 14, 2010)